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  • How do I enroll?
    With almost year-round enrollment, you are welcome to join at your convenience. If you are not sure about enrolling, you may choose to start with a Trial Class for $16 ($13 for Pre-Ballet, or Boys Class). Online registration is open most of the year. Registration closes as we approach our December and Spring shows, and classes are dedicated to rehearsals.
  • What is the attire?
    Girls: Pre-Ballet Girls wear pink tights with a plain pink leotards (no attached ruffles or skirts) and pink ballet shoes with hair up. Level 1: Company Girls wear wear pink tights with black leotards and pink ballet shoes with hair up. All Boys: Plain white shirt, black shorts, white tights, black shoes. LABEL ALL PERSONAL CLOTHING AND SHOES Adults may wear whatever they think they will be comfortable dancing in and ballet shoes. Target, Kohls, Amazon and Payless are among the places from which ballet shoes can be found. We have a basket of pre-worn shoes, in many sizes, located in the dressing room that you are welcome to look through and use. Please make sure that ballet shoes are only worn indoors, doing so will prolong their use and limit dirt on the studio floor.
  • What is CBC’s payment policy?
    Billing Statements are emailed on the 1st of each month. Monthly tuition is due before the 14th of each month and payable via credit card using your Parent Portal, or by check payable to Classical Ballet of California and deposited in the payment box on the table near the entrance. If you wish, you may use bill pay from your bank, sent to our address: 1919 Palmetto Ave. Pacifica, CA 94044 If you must pay in cash, please place it in an envelope with the dancer’s name and the amount enclosed written on the outside and hand deliver to Miss Nina. Payments made by cash that are not marked in an envelope are easily looked over when accounting for payments. We do not accept Credit Card payments in person, only on-line through the Parent Portal CBC offers a 10% Sibling Discount for families with 2 or more children enrolled. Upon enrollment, families that are new to CBC have a one-time registration fee of $25 and $13 for each sibling that joins thereafter. Tuition will be prorated to $16/class ($13 for Pre-Ballet or Boys Class) if enrolling when only one or two classes remain for the month. If you decided to leave CBC, please "Drop" the class via your Parent Portal Additional Funds We will bill each dancer the following fees which covers production and costume costs, this fee is applied to your account in May and November. If a dancer is not participating in a production, please email CBC and we will remove this charge. $15 - Pre-ballet $20 - Levels 1-5 & Boys $25 - Level 6, Apprentice, Jr/Sr Company & Adult DVDs of each production are available for purchase for $35. Please give Miss Nina your check payable to Leo Arellano and indicate in the memo which performance day you would prefer. Miss Nina will give you the DVD once it is ready.
  • What is the CBC's makeup policy?
    If a dancer misses class due to illness, school projects, family commitments, etc., the full monthly tuition is still billed. We always encourage and welcome students to take make-up classes by attending the other weekly class offered in the same level or the level below at any point.
  • What is CBC’s Studio Etiquette?
    If your child feels comfortable then you do not need to stay during class, as long as we have your phone number on record. If you do stay, we ask that parents and siblings remain in the lobby during class, but you may watch the dancers from the large window in the seating area. Please keep our lobby tidy by cleaning up any toys or cups that you use as well as any snacks that you bring. Please be aware that CBC is NUT FREE. We encourage everyone to bring refillable bottles for your water and do your best to limit using the cups provided.
  • What can we expect as far as the Productions?
    Participation in the productions is optional, but each dancer in invited to perform in an annual Nutcracker each December, as well as a Spring Showcase every June, for which the program varies from year to year. Productions are typically held on a Saturday and Sunday in June and December at Terra Nova’s Theater. Rehearsals will be announced, but are typically the Wednesday and Friday evenings prior to the show. More rehearsal time may be requested.
    SHOW REQUIREMENTS For parents of Pre-Ballet - Pre-Apprentice ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED IN THE THEATER AUDITORIUM. PLEASE INFORM YOUR GUESTS. ALL PERFORMERS SHOULD BE AT THE THEATER NO LATER THAN 1 HOUR PRIOR TO SHOWTIME. The following items should be prepared to be brought to the theater by each performer: 1) HAIR – Girls should arrive with a tight “ballet bun” in the middle of their heads. Bangs should be brushed back smoothly from face. No scrunchies, headbands, clips, or other decorations may be worn, as each dance has it’s own headpiece. Fine mesh hair nets, bobby pins of the same color as the hair, and plenty of gel and/or hairspray are acceptable. We will have no time to do your child’s hair at the theater, so please, if you are not sure how to do it, ask Ms. Nina, or someone else who knows, in advance, or make arrangements for someone to do your child’s hair ahead of time. Please help us with this! YOUTUBE VIDEO if you need a tutorial: 2) DRESS – All costumes will be provided, but must be returned at the end of the show. What your child needs to bring from home is as follows: • Girls: Pink ballet slippers, pink tights, black leotards, no attached skirts or ruffles (pink for Pre-Ballet) • Boys: Black shoes, white tights, black shorts, plain white t-shirt • Label all personal clothing and shoes • No jewelry except for small diamond/crystal stud earrings 3) MAKEUP – All Advanced Level dancers will be expected to do their own make-up, or make arrangements for someone to do their make-up for them. Younger children will have someone backstage or in the dressing room helping them with make-up application. If you prefer, you may do your own child’s make-up at home and come to the theater ready. Younger children do not require more than lipstick and blush. Please keep it simple, your children are beautiful, they only need to slightly accentuate the positive under the stage lights. • Lipstick must be RED! No pink please. And no super shiny gloss. • Eye shadow should be brown or purple-ish. • No sparkles or face glitter! • Black mascara optional. 4) FOOD – We suggest that you feed your children a good lunch before they arrive at the theater. • NO EATING IN COSTUME OR BACKSTAGE, OR IN/NEAR THE WINGS! • Dry snacks only may be eaten in the dressing rooms. Chocolate and other messy things can stain the costumes. Please keep all food clean and healthy. • NO NUTS!!! We have children with serious nut allergies!!! • Water Only! No dark juices or soda. Water is best! 5) ACTIVITIES – Performers may bring clean and quiet activities to keep themselves occupied in the dressing room. Some crayons and coloring books will be provided. If you do bring items, please label them carefully to avoid confusion over ownership. • NO MARKERS or other staining things that could get on the costumes. • iPads, handheld devices OK. But beware, danger of lots of kids getting their hands on them. WHEN EACH CHILD ARRIVES TO THE THEATER: For Levels 3 and up, he/she will be checked in at the back of the theater and escorted to their assigned dressing room where there will be volunteer chaperones helping them get into their costumes. For Pre-Ballet and Levels 1 and 2, parents will be permitted inside and be escorted with their child to their dressing room. You will find tables with clear bags of costumes, labeled with each child’s name. Please find the right bag and dress your child in their first costume, or ask a chaperone to do it. OTHER RULES: No dancers are ever allowed outside the theater or in the audience while they are in costume. Children under Level Pre-Apprentice are not allowed to leave the dressing room unescorted by a volunteer chaperone, including to the restrooms. If you would like to take pictures of your child in costume, please ask a chaperone if it is an appropriate time and place to do so. After the show, please go to the back door of the loading dock and wait for your child to be checked out and escorted outside. CONCESSIONS & BOUTIQUE: Refreshments, Roses and Special Gift Items will be available in front of the theater Box Office. They can be purchased before Act 1, during Intermission and after Final Curtain. We thank you in advance for all of your assistance in helping the show run smoothly by following the above guidelines. --- Classical Ballet of CA / CA Youth Ballet


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